Who is Steve Stine?

I see this and other questions about me asked a lot, so I decided to put together a short Q&A about who I am and what I do.

I’m a professional guitar instructor with over 30 years of experience teaching guitar. I got my start teaching private lessons, then went on to teach guitar at a variety of levels, as a resident guitar instructor at Schmitt Music in Fargo, as an instructor at Red River Valley Montessori school, as guitar instructor at Elevate Rock School in Fargo, North Dakota, and as a Professor of Modern Guitar at North Dakota State University. I currently reside in Kindred, North Dakota with my wife and 2 kids.


Steve Stine and GuitarZoom.

For the past 15 years, I have been the face of GuitarZoom.com, a guitar lesson website founded by Dan Denley, known for its high-quality guitar lessons covering a wide range of topics and skill levels, from “raw-rookie” to seasoned pro.



In what bands did Steve Stine play?

I have toured the world playing guitar for bands like Dozer and GrimmStine, which is a band I founded with Grim Reaper frontman Steve Grimmett. I have also co-written songs with artists like Rick Springfield, Brian May of Queen, Julian Lennon, Benjamin Orr, and others


Where can I find Steve’s guitar courses?

Want to improve your guitar playing but don’t know how to get started? Go to GuitarZoom.com and click Get Started to become a GuitarZoom member. You’ll get 6-months of unlimited access to 40+ courses with step by step videos that you can watch anytime, anywhere on your favorite device.

Each course includes downloadable tabs and jam tracks. And there’s a course that’s right for you no matter what your interest or skill-level. You can access lessons on the website, phone or any device, or through apps.

When you become a Member, you get instant access to a library of my best courses like Play Guitar For Life, Music Theory Made Easy, Acoustic Guitar, Ultimate Practice Routine, Blues Licks and more that you can check out on https://GuitarZoom.com/membership-signup

You’ll also get the support of a community of guitar players to keep you motivated and help you achieve your goals.


Is Steve Stine a good guitar teacher?

That’s a hard question to answer, but here is what my students are saying about my guitar lessons:

  • “Steve I want to say thank you SOOO SOOO MUCH for devoting your life to teaching!
    I swear to God I was ready to go find a therapist to tell me if I have some learning disability after purchasing guitars and equipment and then searching for the right source for training. Not that there aren’t other great teachers and sources of information as Lord knows there is so too much!
    But you are the ONLY one that didn’t seem to leave important bits of information unspoken when demonstrating some technique. So I decided to more or less limit the input to your courses. Then to discover that I also get access to these groups just stoked me so much that I actually reopened my FB account that I had completely deleted about a year ago because of my personal feelings regarding the owner of FB. LOL
    Your articulation has given me HOPE and I was feeling a bit hopeless. I am sure I will still have hurdles and struggles but after just a couple of days in the group(s) I can see the future!
    I’m gonna be a rock star ‘cause of you!"
    Scott M.
  • "Hey All. I hit a plateau with guitar about 10 years ago. I picked everything up so quickly in the beginning and I got so frustrated once I reached the point I couldn’t progress anymore… I basically put the guitar down, and for the last 10 years haven’t really played at all. After recently watching one of Steve’s YouTube videos, the spark was back, and I started to enjoy playing again! I just signed up for the “Music Theory For Life Master Class”, and I couldn’t be more excited to learn and grow. Hope to learn lots from everyone here too! Happy New Year everyone!"
    Bradley J.
  • "Okay Steve Stine I have to say this is amazing. It may not mean that much to some but to me it’s a huge hurdle. I was playing around today and someone wanted to change the key. That used to freak me out. I’d run to the internet and look for a transposed copy. But today was different. I’ve been memorizing those charts from Theory for Life. And it was like I didn’t even think about it I just transposed on the fly! With my guitar! It was like a whole new world opened up.
    So thank you for your instruction. It truly works."
    Luke H.
  • "Hi. Here is my comment for the music theory course. I’m not sure it posted: Hi Steve. I’m finding the course very clear and well structured. It gives me a solid direction; step by step so I can feel my guitar playing and knowledge improving. I’m inspired to also take the Caged course too, as I can see real progress from your lessons, which make everything fit together."
    Tim T.
  • "Steve is not a Guitar Teacher… he is a Guitar Interpreter. I’ve been struggling to play and understand guitar for years. I am very thankful for finding this guy by chance.
    I can’t get enough of your lessons… they are sooooooo comprehensive. You have another fan… Can’t thank you enough"
    Paul P.
  • "Hi, this message is for Steve Stine. Just wanted to say wow and thank you for your incredible knowledge on helping beginners. I’ve never taken a class or anything. Most of the things I do know how to play on my acoustic I learned from YouTube. I’m practicing some of the techniques from your channel and I feel a huge change as far as strumming goes. I struggle a lot with strumming. Still have a long way to go. But just wanted to thank you for the great tips."
    Amy P.
  • "Hi Steve, all the best from Adelaide Australia. I’m really enjoying your classes on YouTube. The way you explain the caged system is awesome. All the best."
    Troy G.
  • "Hi!, I’m a 63 yr old guy whose lifelong dream has been to play guitar. For all the usual reasons I never got around to it and then I came across an ad on Facebook for Steve’s course. Before investing I went to YouTube and searched him and found his videos very encouraging. So I took the plunge and picked up Play Guitar For Life. I can’t tell you how life changing this has been. Best teacher ever! By breaking it all down into doable steps I suddenly found myself playing! Not only playing but understanding what I was playing! Thanks Steve, for helping me on this journey. I find myself spending hours learning and playing every day. I can actually make a barre chord after only about a week of struggle! Keep up the great work."
    Mike M.
  • "Hi Steve, You are an awesome teacher. Very clear, very down to earth. I have had basic and advanced music theory in college (that was a long time ago). I always love listening to someone else. But I understand theory quite well and have applied it all my life to my music. Working in the studio as a guitarist when I was younger, it was a huge advantage, as I was one of the very few who could actually read notations. So I haven’t signed for your course, because don’t really think I would benefit that much. I do love your take on modes. You explain them very well and make them simple to understand. Thanks for all you give to the community. Also, I appreciate your humility. Your lack of arrogance speaks much to your self confidence and maturity.
    PS. Being a devoted Christian, and having worked in many worship teams myself, I really appreciate your openness about your life and commitment. You are an inspiration and model for all of us. Keep pickin’ brother."
    Jerry D.
  • "Hey Steve, pleasure to know you and I am happy and blessed to be one of your students, and in fact I did learn a lot from your teachings. Anyway, I will continue to check out your links and your mail through which I can learn music skills and teachings.
    Thanks man I really appreciate your time and skills that you impart to others
    I did subscribe to your channel and will look out for any new stuff that you made for me.
    I love your teaching style and skills, on top of that your Humility and being who you are and very simple guy
    God Bless you abundantly"
    Joseph T.
  • "Hello Steve, I am writing to tell you how much you have both inspired and helped me put the pieces of the puzzle together, in my pursuit of learning guitar. I know what good teaching is and isn’t, having been a classroom music teacher for 17 years, as well as a musician in my 30’s and 40’s (classical singer). You do so many things that other online guitar teachers don’t do. You put context around a particular skill you are teaching, you speak in and organized, focused fashion so that your students can follow your playing step by step, you repeat important concepts in different ways in order to reach different learning types (verbal, visual, kinesthetic, etc.) and most of all, your teaching has a -- purpose - that other’s doesn’t. You have the big picture in mind before you even start a lesson. I am a fan.
    I’m one of your students who has studied music at a very high level (M.M., Applied Vocal, DePaul University S.O.M.) requiring many hours of studying theory, ear-training, composition, and history. I like that you embrace ALL of the facets of music-making, and allow your knowledge of theory to inform your teaching in a way that is not intimidating. I have found few guitar teachers with as service-oriented an ego as yours. I commend you for this, as it has opened doors for me and I am sure for many many others.
    Thank you for what you do, and when my schedule gets a bit less hectic, I will come back and do an intensive or two."
    Jules H.
  • "Dear Steve, Been playing guitar for about 60 years and always was the rhythm guitarist in all bands. I learned a few classics like Apache, and Albatross, which I can honestly say I played Albatross with Peter Green in the mid-eighties.
    I always copied solos note for note until I was educated by you showing the pentatonic scales minor and major. I am glad to say that your explanation was the best for me, showing the 5 pentatonic boxes. I’ve learned this and even I treat each box as a jigsaw piece, starting with the first box or piece and join on the next piece to the right, as the dots correspond if you see what I’m saying. When I’ve placed the five pieces in line and learned them, wherever I start say with the first piece, e.g the fifth fret that this is A minor or C major. I’m so pleased that after all these wasted years I can now jam."
    David P.
  • "My go-to guy for learning new things on guitar. Whether it’s cool riffs, licks, or to brush up on my theory. Steve is very efficient in his explanation of the topic of the lesson. I’ve had many “A-ha” moments."
    Larry B.
  • "Steve, I’m a pastor in Pennsylvania and I spend a lot of time teaching people. I know a good teacher when I see one and I wanted to reach out to you and tell you that I think you are amazing. You truly have a gift for teaching. For the first time in my personal guitar playing journey, music theory is finally making sense. Your step-by-step approach is fantastic. I’m watching you on youtube and hope that will help me know what next steps I need to take as well. I just wanted to compliment you bc there are a lot of guitar guys and gals out there, but YOU have a gift for putting it all together. Thanks so much!"
    Michael A.
  • "QUICKLY to drums, a short stint on BASIC guitar, quickly to BASS and have segway’d to piano, sax & harmonica... focusing more on keys. In Florida for the Winter and bought a cheap guitar/amp & am DETERMINED to “learn” guitar (finally). Saw your first video just now and you ARE a great “teacher”. I’m hooked. Just wanted to thank you but I can’t “talk”. I’m going to watch MORE of ur vids. Thanks Fran Knapik
    PS. expect that by April I’ll BE a moderately good soloist. Thanks again. Fran the Man"
    Fran K.
  • "I just wanted to say thank you! You are a great instructor. Your lessons are to the point, easy to understand, and probably most importantly, they are fun and inspiring. I only wish that I had access to somebody like you 40 years ago when I got my first guitar. Thanks again!"
    Ivan H.
  • "I found your webinar to be insightful and enjoyable. You jokingly at one point stated that you guys are so not professional. Understand that is a good thing, it makes you guys approachable and relatable. My goal is to learn this thing that has eluded me for so long just for myself and nothing more. I am essentially a beginner and always felt overwhelmed where to start and feel
    Like you guys have given me a path. I really appreciate you guys and keep doing what you do!!"
    Bryan G.
  • "Hey, I’m Jay - I’m 47 from NY. I took a few lessons as a kid and learned power chords, a few riffs, and how to read tabs. I never really got any better and stopped playing for many years. My 2 kids mom and girlfriend since college passed away in 2015 and I decided to pick it back up as a way of healing. I bought Jackson for myself and started to get back into it. I had forgotten a lot. I started taking lessons again last week. I came across your theory series on Youtube and after only the first 2 videos, I have learned more than I have...ever. A lot just clicked. Thanks!"
    Jay D.
  • "Thank you for your persistent posts! Two years ago I just wanted to give up Music all together. Now I know what the word Dorian means. I think. I won't say I am now lost, but I am seriously hyper aware of all the possibilities you have helped me see on my fretboard and possibly my keyboard. Not to mention any other instrument I pick up in the future. In terms that I or someone like me can understand, if it's a sour note it is not compatible with that chord. Seriously though THANK YOU!"
    Dwigh S.
  • "Steve, I retired from the fire department two years ago and now have the time to make my dream of learning guitar a reality. Your videos are great! Your positive attitude really makes it fun and the riffs you go over are easy to learn. As a metal head, they’re one of my greatest tools for learning. Thanks!"
    Ross P.
  • "Steve, I am unsubscribing all the other teachers. You are the bomb!! I learn so much from you in just an eleven minute video. I have been playing for 40 years and I am an accomplished player. But I have always played by ear. I didn't even know I knew scales. I just felt and heard the music. Your lessons are improving my play ten fold. Thank you for your giving heart to provide these amazing videos. I will be buying your training in the new future as soon as I catch up on what you are teaching already."
    Don L.
  • "I recently discovered your videos on YouTube and your website and I just got to tell you I haven’t played guitar in over a decade and I’ve learned more from your videos in like three or four days than I had from years of guitar lessons so thanks a lot for that you really inspired me to get back into it and play again your videos are great!"
    Bryan K.
  • "Cool glad I came across this video dude your a great teacher, easy to understand and learn, I'm not a beginner been playing for 40 years but I write and record my own songs and play bass,drums and rhythms but, my soloing was tedious and time consuming and by the time I got a lead player to come record parts for my songs I had it pretty much figured out but it took forever and was never satisfied with most of my solos so I decided to learn how to do it myself, thanks this helps me tremendously!"
    Fabian V.
  • "I don't ever leave comments on any of these sites, but I have to say you are by far the best instructor I have ever had the privilege to see. Your "how to" videos are so well done I am not worried about learning techniques, picking style, notes/chords, etc. NOW! as some sites do. You are a "meat and potatoes" kind of guy to me and I just want to say you've made this 50 year old man cherish the decision to pick up guitar again after 25+years. Great work!"
    Wayne G.
  • "Hi, Steve! I just wanted to thank you! I'm a musician, have been for many years, but I've always been more of a classical musician (opera singer by training and degrees) aside from playing acoustic guitar and singing just about everything, which has been my "therapy" for some time now. Recently, I started playing my electric guitar more, since a friend kinda coerced my husband and me to start jamming together. My husband mentioned how damn cool it would be if I played some lead and solos along with playing rhythm while singing. I probably jumped into the deep end, trying to copy Slash's solos and stuff from Muse and Pearl Jam. Needless to say, it got frustrating fast. Well, your videos have made me feel like I can get somewhere!!! Thank you!! You're awesome! Finally! A great teacher!! I'm a teacher myself (voice, piano, acoustic guitar, songwriting, music reading), and I know how hard it is to find a good one. You're super!! I'm so grateful!!!!"
    Evan M.
  • "Discovered this guy within the last hour. This is just the second video I've seen from Steve. I actually don't play blues - I LOVE it, but it just never really clicked with me. I understand the theory, and I've seen videos and written stuff showing boxes etc. Some of it probably well done and clearly presented. But I could never manage to put any of it into actual practice. (I'm sure a live teacher would have helped).
    But this guy blows me away. He doesn't even show a fretboard map, and half the time he's talking, not "playing" or demonstrating - both of which would normally suggest to me that I would have trouble with it. But this works !! He's a BORN teacher - gifted !! (that's coming from a teacher, btw)
    I still love my folk and bluegrass music, but it looks like I'm gonna be learnin' me the blues finally.
    Thank you Steve - best teacher, hands down, bar none."
    Rob C.
  • "I've been playing for over 35 years, and I'm a self taught guitar player. I consider myself a fairly good guitar player, however my playing has progressed more in the last six months after I got connected with GuitarZoom , than it had in all my years leading up to this point. Things are starting to make sense, in a way where at times they never really did before."
    Barry J.

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Are Steve’s lessons available anywhere else?

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